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Sustainability page

A Sustainability Page represents the entity which enables accounts or client accounts to share their impact publicly.

Upon the first retirement, the Sustainability Page displays certificates with proof of the retired carbon credits and beneficiary.

  • Endpoints
  • The Sustainability page object

    The sustainability page status which determines whether it is visible to the public.

    • enabled
    • disabled


    The sustainability page slug. The slug is used to identify the page publicly and should be unique.


    The sustainability page title stat format.

    • by_volume
    • by_price


    The sustainability page custom description. Only displayed when description is set to by_custom_description.

    The sustainability page sections that will be displayed in the page. Only a single instance of each section type is allowed and the order is irrelevant.

  • SustainabilityPage
  • {
      "status": "enabled",
      "slug": "acme",
      "title": "by_volume",
      "description": {
        "Description": "by_equivalent"
      "custom_description": "This is a custom description",
      "sections": [