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Green checkout examples

If you want to offer carbon offsetting at checkout, there are two aspects you should consider:

  1. Who will bear the offsetting costs (you, the user, both)
  2. What is being offset (the purchased items, the delivery, both)

Below you can find some examples of how this might look like in your product.

Offsetting the delivery

If your business sells items that need to be delivered, you can enable the end user to offset the delivery emissions.


Alternatively, you can decide to bear the delivery offsetting costs yourself, and offer this as a perk to your customers.


Company commits a percentage of purchase to carbon removal

Another option you can consider, is to commit a percentage of the purchase towards carbon offsetting.

It’s up to you to decide how much (for example 0.5%, 1%, 2%, etc).


Cost-sharing offsetting all emissions

You can consider sharing the cost of offsetting emissions with your user.

For example you could ask your users to offset 50% of the emissions, while you take the remaining 50%.



At checkout you can offer your users the option to round up the amount they’re paying to contribute to carbon offsetting.