# Download Lune's order completion certificate

This guide will take you through the steps to automatically download an order's certificate when all its carbon offsets have been retired.

# Prerequisites

# Order completion

An order completes when all carbon offsets purchased by placing the order are fully retired.

When the order's status transitions to complete, the order object includes a certificate field.

The certificate field contains the URL that can be used to download the certificate.

    "id": "Vxg3b7MoBkrNQA329N0pnvmw1J8a6Lqj",

    // Status
    "status": "complete",

    // Certificate URL
    "certificate": "https://api.lune.co/v1/orders/Vxg3b7MoBkrNQA329N0pnvmw1J8a6Lqj/certificate",

    "idempotency_key": "b4e2e26f-bf52-41b5-b6ee-6ce854bda0f2",
    "type": "quantity",
    "currency": "GBP",
    "offset_cost": "1.22",
    "total_cost": "1.34",
    "commission": "0.12",
    "quantity": "0.171",
    "created_at": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z",
    "bundles": [
          "bundle_id": "L0M3zv7Qr2OGRqY9WAVdbwKPx5XWao64",
          "bundle_name": "Latin America Forestry",
          "quantity": "0.171",
          "unit_price": "7.13",
          "offset_cost": "1.22"
    "projects": [
        "quantity": "0.05",
        "unit_price": "7.13",
        "offset_cost": "0.36"
        "project_id": "gMbvJoOaX54V1wpNaRY8dWDGQ7m239Bx",
        "project_name": "Madre De Dios",
        "project_type": "Forest Conservation",
        "project_slug": "madre-de-dios"
        "quantity": "0.121",
        "unit_price": "7.13",
        "offset_cost": "0.86",
        "project_id": "xe1BEV2VZqnzPkYxJgALg0GeQDoXlWO5",
        "project_name": "Alto Mayo",
        "project_type": "Forest Conservation",
        "project_slug": "alto-mayo"
    "requested_value": "1.34"


Please familiarise yourself with order statuses and their lifecycle.

# The Certificate

An order's certificate looks like the following. Please note names are fictitious.

sample certificate

# Download the certificate

First, identify the id of the completed order for which you would like to download the certificate.

If you don't have your order id, either find the order in the dashboard's orders page (opens new window) or you can iterate through your all orders.

Then, get your API Key (opens new window).

Now, download the certificate:

curl -X GET \
	-H "Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>" \

The response consists of the order's certificate pdf.