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Get a sustainability page

Get the current account's public sustainability summary info.

Path Parameters

The type of the sustainability page.


The slug of the sustainability page.


The sustainability page title format and info.


The sustainability page logo URL.


The name of the account for which the sustainability page is generated.


Whether to include the certificates section in the sustainability page.

bundlesarray of objectrequired

The sustainability page bundle percentages and details.

un_sdgarray of objectrequired

The list of supported UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The array is sorted by the goal number (the un_sdg_number field), ascending.

  • GET /sustainability-pages/public/{type}/{slug}
  • curl '' \
      -H 'Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>'
  • Response
  • {
      "title": {
        "By value": {
          "format": "by_price",
          "currency": "GBP",
          "value": "3.14"
      "description": {
        "New York to London flights": {
          "format": "by_equivalent",
          "flights_nyc_to_london": 10
      "logo": "",
      "account_name": "Acme",
      "include_certificates": true,
      "bundles": [
          "percent_of_total": 25,
          "quantity": "667.667",
          "bundle": {
            "name": "Latin America Forestry",
            "background_colour": "#AABBCC",
            "primary_image": "",
            "primary_image_hires": "",
            "small_thumbnail": "",
            "description": "A conglomeration of renewable energy projects around the world",
            "offset_type": "emissions_reduction",
            "carbon_permanence": "long_term"
      "un_sdg": [
          "un_sdg_number": 1,
          "occurrences": 5