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Bundle portfolio

A curated group of predefined project bundles., e.g., Oxford Offsetting Principles.

Project bundles for a particular Bundle portfolio may change over time.

  • Endpoints
  • The Bundle portfolio object

    Bundle portfolio unique identifier.


    Identifier of the bundle portfolio.


    Human readable name of the bundle portfolio.

    A Bundle Selection represents an account's default project bundle ratios that are used when an order is placed without specifying project bundles.

    An account initial project bundle selection is

    • Conserving forests in Asia - 95%
    • Ocean Carbon Removal - 5%
  • BundlePortfolio
  • {
      "id": "A7hPO9C01RnzPkYxJgAHxq112roXlWO5",
      "identifier": "oxford-offsetting-principles",
      "label": "Oxford Offseting Principles",
      "bundle_selection": [
          "bundle_id": "BmWxrvXo29eGqzA1qjANL5PwnkgaO8R3",
          "percentage": 34
          "bundle_id": "VndoQ0PZjGMzvYOZGwqy6kbgN1eOJx9B",
          "percentage": 66